General Information

Welcome to the website of ADHS Austria, the resource for professionals primarily in the mental health field, but also in other fields, on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We provide education/training for professionals who work or intend to work with people with ADHD. Our aim is to facilitate the provision of more services in Austria and to achieve and maintain a high level of quality.

We ask for your understanding that this is not a search platform for you to find a psychologist or doctor who may diagnose and/or treat your suspected or known ADHD.

We are, of course, a team of such professionals, but we are usually booked up months in advance. You may be able to find other professionals who can meet your needs more quickly. If you would like to see one of us, please be prepared for long waiting times for an initial appointment or temporary suspension of new patients.

Austria is no exception in the range of countries where the need for ADHD services is increasing and services are not able to meet the growing demand, if they exist at all in a city or region. The training we offer is our response to this challenge.